Where words only sting a little bit





The Hawkeyes are 4-0 for only the 4th time under Kirk Ferentz, who is the longest tenured coach in all the land. So yeah this doesn’t happen but when it does it’s usually a harbinger that the season will be bigger than the line at Marcos Grilled Cheese stand in IC at 2am.

To remain undefeated, the Hawkeyes must be victorious in one of the famous venues in football by beating Jim Harbaugh and his misfit ideas. One of his leading promos is his affinity for khaki pants. Listen, the last time I wore khakis was when my mom picked out my clothes. So ok Jimmy that is fine….but he pushes dockers khakis with enormous pleats that are so baggy he could strap two bags of 8lb potatoes to his thighs that are being peeled two Oompa Loompas. Just strange….

What is even more strange is this bizarre offensive philiosophy switch. Harbaugh does not like the spread offense…but was convinced via voices from the grave during several nights of cold sweated sleep, that running a spread offense was the only way to beat Ohio State. The problem is now he’s barely beating Army and getting curb stomped by Wisconsin. Michigan’s identity is no identity.

The Hawkeyes have identity (strong, physical line play with a stingy defense) which is being enhanced with playmakers at RB (standard, love Tyler Goodson) and WR (new and glorious). Sure Kirk and his staff wear khakis but they fit who they are, and stretch just enough to deliver a series of knockout blows in the Big House. The Hawkeyes may not wear the tightest of pants in all the land but the pants superior to those cut in Ann Arbor.

Stiks pik to clik: Nate Stanley. The Hawkeye QB has been sharp. His only resume hole is a big time road victory. With the greatest set of WRs in the Ferentz era, #4 throws for 4 TDs leading the Hawkeyes to 5-0, and his NFL profile escalates. Oh and AJ Epenesa gets 3 sacks and causes a fumble (Michigan QBs eat Butterfingers for breakfast).

Game kicks at 11am on Fox broadcasted by Gus Johnson. Turn up the volume and double the Coors Light order. The Big House volume will be muted by the the 3rd quarter. In Heaven There is No Beer…