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July Newsletter

Hey Stiks & Stoners! It’s July, and that means not only is it newsletter time, but it’s also almost time to salute the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! We personally cannot think of any better way to celebrate than by emailing, posting, tweeting, and/or pinning FREE Stiks & Stones cards! If you don’t like any of our 4th of July cards (not possible, but just in case you’re weird. Or foreign) it’s totally fine because we have a wide range of card categories sure to please anyone looking to make fun of that special someone they’re sending it to.

Speaking of other cards, be on the lookout for new wedding cards coming at you in time for wedding season. Oh, and our brand new workout line that we’re working on as you read this. We figured since we’re fantastically fit in the gym, why not be fantastically funny about it through the beauty that is a Stiks & Stones card. Truthfully, a pretty awesome chick who is the owner and designer of Fleo Shorts came up with the idea for us. It’s pretty cool because we’ll do some guest blogging for them and maybe they’ll consider doing some for us. What? You didn’t know we blog? If you clicked on that link it just took you to a spectacular blog page. You’re welcome.

Enough chit chat. Go fire up that grill, have a hot dog, or 10, and twice as many beers. Not only because this is America but because it just sounds awesome.