Where words only sting a little bit


About Us

Our names are Fallon Stefani & Georgia Trovas.

Our friendship is pretty awesome.

We’re always laughing because we’re so hysterical. We thought it only seemed natural that the next step would be to start a greeting card company to share this vast wealth of humor. So began Stiks and Stones.

We are two chicks just looking to live the American Dream. Running our own successful company in order to support our shopping habits. (And a few important things too, but those aren’t as exciting to talk about).

It is our dream, our goal, our mission, to make you laugh so much that you want to send our cards to everyone you know and so on and so on. Those other card companies won’t know what hit them. And neither will your friends and family after receiving a Stiks & Stones card.

Thanks a million for your continuing support!