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A Huge Fan, Iowa

Re: our newsletter: “Every month, this is the best email I get in my inbox.

Thanks ladies!

-A Huge Fan

Dan, Chicago, IL

“This is so funny!  I am going to buy some when I am less poor.  I hate expressing my feelings to loved ones on routine things like birthdays.  These cards will help me show that I care, but avoid being cheesy.”

” The Lazy List is hilarious.  I’m going to send a link to my three lazy brothers.”

Kelli, West Branch, IA

“Fabulous card company! Stiks and Stones are the only cards I buy.”

Ace Hardware, Iowa City, IA

“Superb card company! Can hardly keep them in stock.”

Melissa, Cedar Rapids, IA

1. “LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE IT! These are brilliant! …The market for ’props to slutty girl’ cards was totally lacking.”
2. “The most brilliant cards. Period. These people have discovered niche markets that have been previously neglected – ‘props to slutty girls’ ‘being a douche’ ‘crapping in pants’ to put a tough day into perspective…these gals have it all.”

Stacey, Cedar Rapids, IA

“The only time I will forgive someone for not buying me a birthday gift is if they gave me a Stiks and Stones card. So funny I’ll forget they didn’t buy me something.”

Shelley, Ankeny, IA

“These are the funniest cards ever! Did you know they can even be customized? WHAT? Where have you been?! I even know of college coaches who order their customized Christmas greetings from this site……YEP…….Stiks and Stones can even tone it down to suit your style. Long time, satisfied ( and favorite ) customer.”

Cheri, Chicago, IL

“All the people I’ve sent a Stiks and Stones card have loved them! The cards are hilarious and say the things we all think, but are never quite willing to say out loud. The transactions are always easy and seamless, and I can buy them from my favorite location…my couch! I will be a returning customer, for sure. Thanks guys!!”

Emily, Schaumburg, IL

“Stiks and Stone’s cards are every sarcastic person’s dream! They’re perfect for your friend, family member, or co-workers that can really take a joke and has a sense of humor. The owners are easy to work with and willing help you find a card perfect for any occasion!”

Jilliane, West Des Moines, IA

“What I like best about Stiks & Stones is obviously their hilariously creative cards as well as their great customer service. They help you personalize any card to meet your needs.”